Our story. Our Values.

ideasmiths are a unique partnership community of exceptional practitioners, researchers and educators. We collaborate within organisations to deliver the insights and knowledge needed to build amazing products and services. We bring creative ideas, energy, expertise and good humour to help tackle your most demanding challenges.

Where we came from

Ideasmiths began in 1999 as a management consultancy and leadership development company by an American hippie Vietnam draft dodger who believed that there was a better way of helping companies be better. Over the last 10 years we have moved more and more into the digital arena.

As the world has changed so have we, our focus is now digital - digital projects, digital solutions and digital teams. What has not changed has been our fundamental Values about how we work with each other and with our clients. We pride ourselves on openness, honesty, authenticity and integrity; this is why our clients keep working with us. For us User Centred really is user centred, and Agile really is agile.

Our values

Integrity and openness

Every time we work with you we want to make a positive difference and add value.

Empowering and challenging

We give people the tools they need to solve their most demanding challenges. We are beside our clients every step of the way.

Always getting better

We develop our own skills, our client’s skills and always look to the future.

Be inclusive

Diversity is good. Everybody has got something to bring to the party. We treat everybody with respect and dignity, whatever our differences.

No person is an island

We work better together, we care, we nurture.

Be humble

We don’t know everything, and don’t pretend we do.

Have a sense of humour

We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We do take our work seriously.

Be curious

We keep an open mind. We look to learn from anyone, with anyone, anywhere.

Keep it simple

We don’t overcomplicate things. A simple thing has purity, clarity and beauty.

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